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The prescription drug Topamax® (topiramate) is an anti-convulsant medication used either alone or in conjunction with other drugs to control seizures in epilepsy patients. Topamax® is also often prescribed to treat migraine headaches. Despite its benefits, Topamax® has been linked to birth defects among women who have taken the drug while pregnant.

If you have taken Topamax® for seizures or migraines and delivered a baby with a birth defect, contact a Louisiana Topamax® injury attorney immediately to discuss your legal compensation.

Topamax®-Related Injuries

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The birth defects associated with Topamax® use during pregnancy consist mainly of an opening in the lip and/or palate, resulting from incomplete fetal development. Oral cleft and palate injuries can result in difficulty eating, talking and speaking because the mouth is not completely fused together. This birth defect is resolved by surgery that closes the lip or palate.

Topamax® has also been linked to hypospadias, a birth defect that occurs among male babies when the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis. This condition most often requires corrective surgery.

The FDA’s Warning

In March of 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety warning to medical professionals and consumers, reporting that Topamax® use during pregnancy increases the chance of giving birth to a child with a cleft palate or cleft lip. The alert stated that “health care professionals should carefully consider the benefits and risks of Topamax® and topiramate when prescribing it to women of childbearing age.”

In addition, the FDA raised the drug’s classification from pregnancy category to C to pregnancy category D, which means there is concrete evidence that the drug can cause harm to a fetus.

Topamax® has been prescribed to approximately 4.3 million patients between 2007 and 2010. If you live in Louisiana, have taken this drug while pregnant, and given birth to a baby with an oral or genital birth defect, please contact our Louisiana Topamax® injury attorneys at 1-877-LOSS-RECOVER (567-7732). Our aggressive product liability lawyers will get you the money you deserve, so please make that call as soon as possible.