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Levaquin® and its generic form levofloxacin are antibiotics mainly used to treat specific bacterial infections in your sinuses, lungs, skin and urinary tract. Manufactured by Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson & Johnson, Levaquin® can be taken in tablet form or via injection. While this class of antibiotics is effective in treating various infections, it has also been blamed for serious side effects, including tendon injuries and tendon ruptures.

Patients have reported tendonitis and tendon ruptures in various parts of their body, such as in the hands, rotator cuff and biceps. However, the most common area affected by Levaquin®-related tendon complications is the Achilles’ tendon.

If you live in Louisiana and have suffered a tendon injury after taking Levaquin®, talk to a Louisiana Levaquin® injury attorney as soon as you can to learn about your rights and possible product liability claim.

Tendonitis and Tendon Ruptures

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Tendonitis is characterized by pain and tenderness around the affected joint. You can experience tendonitis in a number of joints, but most commonly your elbow, shoulders, wrists and hands. Some of the symptoms associated with tendonitis include:

  • Pain or weakness in the joint
  • Immediate bruising
  • Inflammation or other deformity around the joint
  • A popping, clicking or snapping in the joint
  • Difficulty using the affected extremity
  • Difficulty bearing weight or on the joint

A tendon rupture occurs when the tendon is actually torn. When this happens, patients must often undergo surgery to repair the ripped tendon. Sometimes physical therapy is required to regain full mobility of the joint. In extreme cases, a patient may never be able to use the affected extremity as well as they did prior to the injury.

FDA Issues a Black Box Warning

In July of 2008, the FDA ordered Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals to include a “black box warning” on drug containers warning patients of the potential for tendon injuries.

Levaquin® is similar in composition to the medication Cipro, but it is the stronger of the two medications. Therefore, you may have also experienced adverse side effects associated with Cipro. If so, contact a Louisiana drug recall attorney at once to discuss your situation.

If you have suffered an unexplained tendon injury and were taking Levaquin®, this medication is likely to blame. If you live in Louisiana, please contact our Louisiana Levaquin® injury attorneys at 1-877-LOSS-RECOVER (567-7732) to discuss your claim. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries and hold the negligent party liable, so please call today.